Musang King Durian is to be planted in mix varieties in a ratio of 60:20:20 in order to get good yield. For example if you plant 100 young trees,60 trees are of Musang King,20 trees of other variety as Black Thorn ( Duri Duri Hitam)( D200) and another 20 trees of other variety as IOI (D168) or D99 (Cop Kecil) which has good harvest and longer fruiting period.

The trees are planted 10 meters apart either in triangular or square configuration so that the canopy does not overlap with each other. With this configuration, you will be able to plant about 115 stands per hectare ( 46 stands per acre.) in triangular configuration or 100 stands per hectare ( 40 stands per acre) in square configuration.


The land is first cleared, all the stump removed then plough and harrow twice. Then leave it to weather for about 3 days. if the soil is acidic, agricultural lime has to be applied first. But if you are doing a staggered planting,ploughing and harrowing not necessary to be done and only the immediate peripheries of hill are cultivated.


Holes are made of at least 50 cm wide and deep at an interval of 10 meters triangularly or square which give a density of 115 stands per hectare ( 46 per acre) for triangular formation or 100 stands per hectare or 40 stands per acre for square formation and left for about 3 days for weathering. After that the dug up top soil is mixed with compost and used to refill the holes. A small amount of lime is added to the mixture if the soil is acidic.Otherwise, it is not necessary.

The seedling is carefully laid into the with its poly bags removed and then back fill with top soil already mixed with compost and pressed slightly to remove any air spaces. The depth of the seedling is where the root crown is level with the earth. But in places with irregular rain or flooded area, it is better to let the root crown slightly below the earth level so that to the rain water can be trapped at the seedlings.

Planting should be done at the beginning of the rainy season and the seedlings be given with a slight shade until they are fully grown.


Manuring is a must and the details are as follows:-

Age Of Trees (Year)     Recommended    Kg/Stand/Year     Number Of                                                                        Manure                                                         Application/year          –———————-     ——————-    ——————      ——————–

1                                   15:115:15                         0.5                                 6

Organic                        20.0

2                                   15:15:15                          1.0                                  4

Organic                          30.0

3                                  15:15:15                            2.0                                 4

Organic                           40.0

4                                   15:15:15                            3.0                                  4
Organic                           40.0

5                                  12:12:17-2                         4.0                                 4                                                                                 Organic                          40.0

6                                 12:12:17- 2                           5.0                                 4

Organic                              40.0

7                                  12:12:17-2                           6.0                                 3

Organic                              40.0

8-25                             12:12:17-2                             9.0                              3

Organic                               40.0


10KG Fertilizer Baja Subur Pokok dan Daun 15-15-15+TE

Price:    RM28.00

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Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or NPK, are the “Big 3” primary nutrients in commercial fertilizers. Each of these fundamental nutrients plays a key role in plant nutrition. Nitrogen is considered to be the most important nutrient, and plants absorb more nitrogen than any other element

– Nitrogen (N) – nitrogen is largely responsible for the growth of leaves on the plant. Phosphorus (P) – Phosphorus is largely responsible for root growth and flower and fruit development. Potassium (K) – Potassium is a nutrient that helps the overall functions of the plant perform correctly.”TE” is derived from its components: Tris, a common pH buffer, and EDTA, a molecule that chelates cations like Mg2+. The purpose of TE buffer is to solubilize DNA or RNA, while protecting it from degradation.

For fruiting trees the formula is 12:12:17-2.


To prevent the trees from wild animals that destroyed the plantings especially   when  they are still young, electric fencing  needs to be build along the farm perimeter. You need to build Solar Electric Fence Energizer Charger Controller Electric Fencing Pulse Controller High Voltage.

If the area has no power,you can use 12V battery.


If you want the fencing to on/off automatically,you need to add with  a programmable timer.
Anly APT-9S 7 Days Programmable Timer Time Switch AC 100~240V
Product Description
Animals Electric Fencing Controller of Dog Cow Sheep Horse Deer Bear Pig Goat Cattle Chicken High power, low cost electric powered fence energizer used to break pets’ bad habits and keeps unwanted predators out of your property
Electric Fence Charger Features
Input voltage: 12V DC, or 110V-240V AC, solar power optional
Output voltage: 12 KV
Pulse period:1.2S
Water-proof and anti-dust
Working length: 3km OEM output energy from 0.3-2 Joule
Consumption: 0.5 Watts
Fi-shock similar electric fence energizer.
This Farm Electric Fence Application Areas:
Poultry farm, Game farm, Forest, Vegetable and fruit planting center, Livestock containment, Flower garden and Others
Animals to contain: Cow, sheep, cattle, horse, deer, bear, elephant, pig, goat, chicken, dog, raccoon, exotic animals and predators,etc
Packaging content:
1 x Main Power for Electric Fence Energizer
1 x Electric Fence Energizer
1 x Battery Power Clip Connector.